Routine maintenance of your yacht will keep your vessel performing at its best.

Regular preventative maintenance is important for your safety and extends the life of your yacht and its systems, and Acosta Yacht Group’s unique scheduled maintenance programs are the most comprehensive and detailed in the industry. In fact, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another company that even comes close to doing what we do.

To begin with, you can count on us 100 percent of the time. You’ll always know we are where we say we are, because our highly trained technicians provide real-time updates directly from your vessel to your e-mail or mobile device. We keep complete records of your yacht’s maintenance history, and we also share this history with you by sending you a detailed checklist of what was performed, when it was performed, along with images or video, when necessary. It’s all about convenience and efficiency. It’s all a part of the trustworthiness and accountability we are known for. With Acosta Yacht Group, you’ll always know without a doubt that you are in good hands.

We have a variety of daily, weekly, monthly and annual service programs to maintain your vessel from stern to bow, from commissioning to sale.

Here is a sample of just a few of the personalized maintenance services we perform:

  • Engine flushing
  • Steering systems
  • Bottom cleanings and painting
  • Galvanic inspections
  • Fuel system cleanings
  • Cooling systems flushing
  • Underwater systems
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning
  • Fiberglass and gelcoat
  • Fire equipment inspections
  • Compound and waxing

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The right crew, for the right trip, at the right time. From yacht captains, to chefs, to deckhands, AYG can add to your existing crew or create and manage a completely new one for you. Potential new hires undergo extensive background checks and a comprehensive vetting process.

Acosta Yacht Group has brought together boat crews and yacht owners for longer than any other company in Miami. We know how important a highly qualified, professional, and cheerful crew is to your everyday or special occasion voyage. We are dedicated to maximizing your enjoyment of your much deserved leisure time out on the water.

We work with owners and management teams to place the most dependable qualified maritime crews. Our crew-selection process is passed on a thorough evaluation of each crew member’s experience, professionalism, references, licensing, availability, and specific expertise.

Let us know your needs, interests, and preferences. We take time to select just the right crew for your sailing yacht, charter yacht, motor yacht, mega yacht or fleet from our unique database of multinational nautical crew.  

  • We work with an extensive list of seasoned crew, including:
    • Chief Officers/Chief Mates
    • Second Officers/Second Mates
    • Deck Cadets
    • Officers of Watch
    • Boatswains
    • Deck Hands
    • Chief Engineers
    • Engineers
    • Chief Cooks/Cooks/Chefs/Sous Chefs
    • Pursers
    • Chief Stewards
    • Stewards and Stewardesses
    • Hosts and Hostesses
  • Languages spoken:
    • English
    • Spanish
    • Portuguese
    • French

Acosta Yacht Group is the premier yacht management company in South Florida. Our personalized yacht and fleet management services include all the financial, logistical, technical, administrative, and operational aspects needed for yacht ownership.

As your management team, we become your proxies. We work closely with owners to manage the details of all operations, to monitor budgets, projections, and expenditures, and to provide comprehensive reports that allow you to spend more time enjoying your vessel and leisure time.

Allow us to take the most exacting care of your investment. Our comprehensive yacht management service includes:

  • Full Financial Responsibility
    • Operational budgeting and accounting
    • Crew payroll and reporting
    • Purchasing
    • Accounts payable
    • Yacht acquisitions
    • Operating expense projections
    • Monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting
  • Highly Experienced Expert Logistics
    • Dock and sea trails
    • Supply and equipment deliveries
    • International vessel transportation
    • International logistics management
    • International parts procurement
    • 24-hour crisis support
  • Complete Administration and Operations
    • Commissioning
    • Crew placement and management
    • Marine insurance
    • Legal compliance
    • Yacht maintenance
    • Emergency services
    • Catastrophic recovery
    • New construction
    • Repairs and retrofits
    • Installations and upgrades
    • Marine project management
  • Safety, Security, and Peace of Mind
    • Dock and sea trails
    • Supply and equipment deliveries
    • International vessel transportation
    • International logistics management
    • International parts procurement
    • 24-hour crisis support
  • Unsurpassed Technical Support and Maintenance
    • Routine scheduled maintenance
    • Management and evaluation of contractors
    • Emergency repairs
    • Retrofits and refurbishing
    • Insurance reviews

State-of-the-art diagnostics and expert repairs.

Acosta Yacht Group’s complete-vessel yacht diagnostic and repair services are available by scheduled appointment and on an emergency basis. When you have an issue, you can count on us to quickly travel to your vessel to analyze the issue and perform immediate repairs.

Our marine trouble-shooting and repair service covers every aspect of your vessel from bow to stern, including:

  • Mechanical systems
  • Electronics
  • Electrical systems
  • Engine Repairs
  • Fuel Systems
  • Hydraulics systems
  • Plumbing
  • Underwater systems
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning systems
  • Generators
  • Fiberglass repairs
  • Blister repairs
  • Bottom cleaning, painting and maintenance

You have one more thing to do. Let us do it for you.

  • When planning to buy or sell a yacht, or to refurbish or retrofit an existing boat in your fleet, having an experienced advisor and project manager can make all the difference. The AYG team are masters of their crafts with 10 years of experience in yacht management and operations. We know our industry inside and out and have the experience and resources to manage your projects to save time, paperwork, and unnecessary costs.
  • Here is a brief overview of some of the things we handle for our clients:
    • Yacht construction
    • Pre-purchase inspections
    • New purchases
    • Sale preparation
    • New system designs
    • System installations
    • Retrofits and renovations
    • Vessel restorations
    • Crew selection
    • Subcontracting and project management
    • Permitting
    • Transportation and storage
  • Let us know how we may help. Contact us 

A perfect way to earn (or remember) your sea legs.

  • At acosta yacht group, we know everything about your vessel, and we are avid boaters with life-long experience at sea. We are happy to schedule guided tours of your vessel, as needed, so that you can always be relaxed and comfortable on the water.
  • Our hands-on instruction and orientation outings are tailored for boaters, family members, friends and other small groups and can be as general or detailed as you wish. If you’ve just purchased a new yacht or have never sailed before– or if you’ve been away from the water for a while and would like a quick refresher—this is the perfect way to get your sea legs, safely and enjoyably.
  • Our yacht instruction and orientation consists of one-on-one walk-throughs, including:
    • Vessel and systems orientation
    • The roles of the crew
    • Navigation, at the dock and at sea
    • Understanding sea conditions
    • The basics of maintenance
    • Emergency planning and preparation
  • Call us today to schedule an instructional outing on your vessel. 

For the privilege of peace of mind.

We understand your time is valuable, and your free time is precious. Our concierges will cheerfully assist you with any aspect of your voyage that affects your comfort, excursion-planning, entertainment, and operations. You may count on us to assist you, every step of the way, and at every port, if you need parts, supplies, crew members, or marina services. No detail is too small. You will never waste your relaxation time stressing about not having sunscreen or a corkscrew; we have you covered. 

Please contact us to book concierge service for your next excursion. 

The best decisions are educated decisions.

Acosta yacht group has earned a respected place in the yacht-management industry, in part because of the attention we pay to customer service, the fact that our maintenance and management programs are unequal to any, and in part because we simply know our craft.

Being trusted advisers to our customers is a part of the job we take very seriously. Our consultation service enables you to make sound, fact-based decisions. 

Consulting with us before a new purchase can help to ensure that your investment is based on quality and value, over cost and appearance. Beautiful boats are not all created equal. We can assist you in planning new projects, such as retrofits or renovations. We can guide you regarding any aspect of yacht ownership or operations, so that your leisure time is spent stress-free.

  • Our consulting services are always customized to fit your schedule and exact needs. Please contact us any time to see how we may help you.